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Happy Women - Happy Home

Women are the spine of every household, take care of them in order to stand firm.

Women around the globe are best known as a multitasker, juggling between work life and a homemaker makes their life hectic. In all the chaos, they often neglect themselves or take that extra time to relax ignoring what that body demands from them. Carelox health is here for you, we assist all the women around through different phases of life, be it pregnancy or dealing with PCOS. We got it all cover for you.

We provide quick accessed yet healthy supplements, medically approved that helps your body consume any insufficiency it is facing. To make a home healthy its pillar needs to stand strong.

We act responsibly in everything we do.

Health Care

Our company provides healthcare products that cover various issues every woman faces during their course of life. Our supplements are medically recommended and give you a balanced and sufficient daily dosage of irons, folate, vitamins, and cure of PCOS.


Bones are the most important part of a body. Therefore, their protection must also be of high priority. Women face 3 main types of diseases; osteoporosis, osteopenia, and hypocalcemia. Boncia-D3; supplements that are provides women sufficient calcium, vitamin D3, and K2 that help one build strong bones and prevent all the above-mentioned diseases

Ovi Cure

Commonly, women, these days are suffering from PCOS. Ovi Care balances hormones and cures metabolic issues along with infertility caused due to PCOS.

Foli Care-Q

For a healthy pregnancy, we have introduced glucosamine salt of (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate that helps in building red blood cells and prevents chances of neural tube defects up to 50 percent.

Irogain Forte

During pregnancy, the intake of these supplements as per recommendations of doctors will help one to stay fit throughout their pregnancy. This builds healthy red blood cells that are essential for pregnant women.


These are medically approved supplements that help women to overcome their calcium deficiency and cure diseases caused by weak bones and muscles. It also is suitable for pregnant women.


Bronlox relives all types of cough, relives Soothes Sore Throat, helps to improves Breathing and maintain Respiratory and Bronchial Health


GASOTIL is used to treat the symptoms of too much Stomach Acid such as Stomach Upset, Acidity, Heartburn, Dyspepsia and Acid Indigestion.


'D-Feul', A Natural Vitamins Drops Supplement to support Healthy Bones,Eyes, and Immune System in Small Kids.


Cranlox', A Dietary Vitamin Supplement to Boost Immunity and Support Healthy Urinary Tract.


Vitin-M', A Natural Vitamin Supplement to Support Physical Energy and Mental Performance.